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TGSF Contacts + Contributors Page

Contacts: -- If you need any help, etc. for services or other things at TGSF and/or there are problems, broken links, etc., please use this e-mail address.

The Millionaire: -- Please use this one for reporting violations of the TGSF Terms of Service. -- Please use this one for stuff related to web competitions.  If you wish to VE with TGSF, you MUST sign the Spirit Book.  This is to prevent blind voting.

Obedientlady -- Ideas for backgrounds on the old TGSF Message Boards
CardShark -- Assisting with the TGSF Community Centrals of the past and present, TGSF Logo on main page, and the TGSF Community Central logo
Will -- Betting form for the TGSF Sports Book
Oy -- Lots of humor and assistance in the Weekly Games
Matt -- Provider of the back-up chat room
All of TGSF's supporters in web competitions
and a few others

There may be others who I forgot to list on the contributors section.  If I did, I apologize.