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Have you been to the TGSF Studios, come in, and not know how to play a certain game?

Game Rules

Welcome to the Game Rules page.  This page has some rules for some games played at TGSF (only certain ones).


The object of Bid-A-Card is to bid on how many cards you can predict correctly by calling hi/low (as in Card Sharks).  Bids increase until your opponent says "Play those cards!" or vise-versa (your opponent bidding and you say "Play those cards!").  If there are 3 or more players, all the bidder's opponents must say "Play those cards!" in order for that player to be forced to play the cards.  When a player is forced to play the cards, he/she must guess them all correctly or their opponent wins (or in a 3+ player game, if a person guesses incorrectly, then all other players win).  Bid-A-Card is played in 6 rounds, with minimum bids determined by the host at the start of each round.   Look at the chart below to see how much each round is worth. (all amounts are in TGSF dollars)

Round 1 = $1,000
Round 2 = $2,000
Round 3 = $4,000
Round 4 = $8,000
Round 5 = $16,000
Round 6 = $32,000

If you win all 6 rounds, it's $63,000.

Super Bid-A-Card

Same as the normal Bid-A-Card, but with different payouts.

Round 1 = $3,000
Round 2 = $6,000
Round 3 = $12,000
Round 4 = $24,000
Round 5 = $48,000
Round 6 = $96,000

Win all rounds = $189,000 TGSF Dollars.

10-Across (created by aaron595)

The object of 10-Across is to correctly predict 10 cards by calling hi/low (as in Card Sharks).  If you make 3 mistakes, the game is over.  If you discover a Joker, one of your mistakes is taken away.  If you call a card incorrectly or you discover a Joker, the card is replaced by the next card from the top of the deck, and you must recall the card.  If you predict 10 cards correctly before you make 3 mistakes, you win $5,000 TGSF Dollars!  If you correctly predict 10 cards without making a mistake, you win $10,000 TGSF Dollars!

Super 10-Across

Same as the normal 10-Across with the following differences:  If you can predict 10 cards without making 3 mistakes, it's $50,000.  If you can do it without making a single mistake, it's $100,000!

The Combination Game

The object of The Combination Game is to guess the "winning" combination for each round.  Each round has a different amount of numbers in the combination.  Only numbers 1-6 are used in the combinations.


1st round--3 numbers = $10,000
2nd round--4 numbers = $25,000
3rd round--5 numbers = $50,000
4th round--6 numbers = $100,000
5th round--7 numbers = $250,000

Clean sweep = $435,000

The Dice Duelers

The object of The Dice Duelers is to predict whether the next roll of the dice will be higher or lower than the previous roll (sort of like Card Sharks, except with dice).  3 dice are used.  If you complete a row of 5 numbers, you win the round.  2 rounds wins the game.  You can't freeze on TDD.  If you get an incorrect answer or roll the same total as the last number, control passes to your opponent (and you stay where you are at, you don't go back to the 1st number).  The way "control" will be determined will be decided on by the host.

Bonus round:
$2000/Super Bet

You start out with $100 TGSF Dollars and you play the bonus round just like the normal game, except you bet TGSF Dollars on each guess.  A right answer earns you the amount you bet.  A wrong answer loses the amount you bet.  There are no "pushes".  If you roll the same total as the number you're playing off of, you get to roll again.  When you finish the bottom row or you run out of money on the bottom row, the last total rolled is moved to the 2nd row and you get another $200.  After you finish that row (by completeing it or by running out of money), the last total rolled is moved to the top row and you get another $2,000.  The final number is also the Super Bet, where you must bet at least 1/2 of your current money.  Also, on the top number only, if you roll a triple (3 of the same number), you get a $5,000 bonus WHETHER YOU ARE RIGHT OR NOT ON THE PREDICTION.  If you double your $$ all the way, it's $20,000.  If you do that + get a triple on the final number, it's $25,000.

The rolls of the dice are controlled by the host.

Weekly Games

The Weekly Games is an assortment of games played nearly every week.  You want to try to rack up as many TGSF Dollars as you can.

Some game-related rules:

1.  You have 5 minutes to respond to any game related question or make a game related decision when you are asked.  If you don't, you are DQed from the current game.  Also, the host may restart the game and/or get another player to replace the DQed player.

2.  If you are disconnected from the studio (chat room)/Internet while you are playing a game, you will have 10 minutes to get back in the studio (chat room).  If you don't, you are DQed from the current game.  Also, the host may restart the game and/or get another player to replace the DQed player.

3.  The host's decision and/or The Millionaire's decision is final on all matters.

Bonus Round--Part #1

Up to 3 players may risk all of their winnings (the order of who will be asked will be determined by how many TGSF Dollars a player won [1st place gets asked 1st, 2nd is asked 2nd, etc.]).  Then, they play 1 game of Whammy--The All New Press Your Luck.  The 1st round is played the same, with higher amounts than the TV version.  There is no "question" round.  In the 2nd round, each player is given 10 spins.  The player(s) must take ALL SPINS, including ones that they earn by hitting squares with "+ one spin", "+ two spins", and "+ three spins".  Just like the TV version, 4 whammies will put you out of the game (and you'll win $0).  After all spins are taken, the person in the lead gets a $1,000,000 TGSF Dollar Bonus.  Then all players that survived (didn't hit 4 whammies) go to the 2nd part of the Bonus Round.

Bonus Round--Part #2

The surviving players may now risk all of their winnings from Part #1 to play Part #2.  On the Whammy board are the following:  18--2x $$ squares, 18--3x $$ squares, 9--5x $$ squares, and 9 Whammies.  Players that wish to risk their winnings alternate turns at the board.  You can risk your winnings as many times as you want.  If you hit a multiplier square, your winnings are multiplied by that amount.  If you hit a whammy, you are out and you win $0 (lose everything).  Part 2 ends when all players either quit with their winnings or lose everything.  The people who froze get to keep their TGSF Dollars.