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Program Schedule
Note:  Programs, Air Dates, Times, and Studio #s are subject to change at any time.

Air Date
Time (EST)
Studio #
TGSF 1st Anniversary Special
TBA = To Be Announced

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Welcome to the TGSF Studios!  Below you'll find studios (chat rooms) for TGSF.  Above this, you'll see the program schedule.  That lists the programs, air dates, time which the program starts, and which studio the program will be in.

Studio #1
Studio #2
Studio #3
Studio #4
Studio #51

Back Up Chat Room

Note:  The Back Up Chat Room will only be used if Studios 1-51 go down for any reason.
Note for AOL users for the back-up chat room:  The chat will NOT work using your AOL browser.  While connected to your AOL account, minimize the AOL browser, open up Internet Explorer, go to this page, then click on the link.

Instructions:  When going inside the chat room, enter your username (10 characters maximum, The Millionaire will be tgsf01 in the back-up chat), then go to Create a Room, Create a public room called TGSF (in all caps).  Go into the chat.

Help area

Q:  I don't see the chat applet for Studios 1-51.  What's wrong?
A:  Try clicking on the refresh or reload button on your browser.  You may have to do it up to 3 or more times, but that trick does work.

Q:  Why do I get a "username invalid for "Studio1"  invalid characters....Studio1 has changed to Studio1_" error message at the bottom of the chat applet?
A:  This happened when installing the chat rooms.  Ignore that error message for whatever studio you are in.

Q:  Why am I asked for a password when I try to log in?
A:  Chances are that someone has already registered your username at Everywherechat, TGSF's chat provider.  You'll need to choose a different username.  If you registered your username and you forgot your password, you'll have to log in with a new username.

Q:  How do I register my username?
A:  There are multiple ways you can register, but here's the easiest.  Double click on your username in the right (where you'll see all people who are in the studio with you).  You'll see an area where you can enter your password and register your username.  Enter a password that you won't forget (because TGSF and Everywherechat [to my knowledge] cannot retrieve lost passwords).  After you've entered a password that you can remember, click on "Register".  You are now registered. :-)

Q:  There's a message that says "This room is recording transcripts that are available to the public."  How do I access the transcripts?
A:  After you've logged into the studio for the transcript that you want to see, click on Room Options (2nd button starting on the left side of the chat applet).  You'll find all kinds of stuff (you can't change them unless you are a moderator), but you'll find a tab called "Transcripts".  Click on that tab.  You'll see other stuff that you aren't able to change, but you'll also see a button that says "Show Transcript".  Click on that.  If you are a registered member, you can view them.  Use the date search and look for the transciripts from and to a certain date, then click "Show Transcript"

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