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10-Across (by aaron595)
The object of 10-Across is to correctly predict 10 cards by calling hi/low (as in Card Sharks).  If you make 3 mistakes, the game is over.  If you discover a Joker, one of your mistakes is taken away.  If you call a card incorrectly or you discover a Joker, the card is replaced by the next card from the top of the deck, and you must recall the card.  If you predict 10 cards correctly before you make 3 mistakes, you win $5,000 TGSF Dollars!  If you correctly predict 10 cards without making a mistake, you win $10,000 TGSF Dollars!
2002  The Game Show Fans Company
Differences in Super 10-Across

If you can predict 10 cards without making 3 mistakes, it's $50,000.  If you can do it without making a single mistake, it's $100,000!
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